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Many technological applications in the field of neurology and neuroscience depend on evaluations based on electroencephalographic data (EEG). So far, public resources for EEG recordings are limited. We present here the European database developed in the EU-founded project “EPILEPSIAE” (Grant 211713).

The EPILEPSIE database is by far the largest and most comprehensive database for human surface and intracranial eeg data. It is suitable for a broad range of applications e.g. of time series analyses of brain activity. The database will be accessible from 2012 on for users who apply to the research groups in charge (Epilepsy Center Freiburg, www.epi- freiburg.de).

Currently, the EU database contains annotated EEG datasets from more than 200 patients with epilepsy, 50 of them with intracranial recordings with up to 122 channels. Each dataset provides EEG data for a continuous recording time of at least 96 hours (4 days) at a sample rate of up to 2500 Hz. Clinical patient information and MR imaging data supplement the EEG data. The compared data collections contain considerably less patient datasets (5 in Bonn, 10 in Flint Hills and 21 in Freiburg). The total duration of EEG recordings included execeeds 30000 hours. This is by an order of magnitude more than Bonn (35 hours), Flint Hills (1400 hours) and Freiburg (509 hours) contain in total. Also, the 1800 contained seizures in the EU database exceed the number of contained seizures in Bonn (5), Flint Hills (49) and Freiburg (88).


Update: for more information and registration please follow this link to the new project homepage epilepsy-database.eu




  1. The Bonn EEG database http://epileptologie-bonn.de/cms/front_content.php?idcat=193!
  2. The Flint Hills Scientific ECoG database http://www.fhs.lawrence.ks.us/PublicECoG.htm
  3. The Freiburg EEG database http://epilepsy.uni-freiburg.de/freiburg-seizure-prediction-project/eeg-database


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